A Brief Rundown of Professionals

How to Pick an In-Home Care Provider

When selecting an in-home carer, it is important to find a great fit for the whole family. Since home care workers are going to be an integral part of your loved one’s daily life, it is wise to get to know the people who will be coming in and out of your home.

Definitely, you should take time to learn more about any in-home agency before you commit to them. Here are the most significant points you should consider before choosing an in-home care agency:

Background Screening

In several states, background checks are actually required. However, even if this weren’t true in your case, pick an agency that takes time to vet their potential workers. You don’t want to put your senior loved one’s welfare in the hands of a criminal.


Many in-home care agencies also employ workers who can help you with a whole variety of tasks. For example, if your loved one needs a certain level of nursing care, they may have employees who have the right nursing credentials and experience to meet the needs at hand.

Now, they may also send over workers who can do general tasks such as preparing meals, cleaning the house or just providing companionship. Of course, the agency will choose which workers to send to your home according to the needs of the client.

But no matter what type or level of care is required, you should look into your potential agency’s policies on credentials, so you can see whether the workers assigned to you are fit for the job.

Contract Workers

This can be a critical question for reasons of liability. For your protection, be sure to choose an agency that employs fully insured and bonded care personnel.

Quality Assurance

Choosing an agency that has a reliable quality assurance policy gives you more peace of mind for you and your loved one. If an agency provides ongoing training for employees and follows a regular performance review, it could be a sign that they offer superior service.


Even though agencies may change staffing schedules, is generally good to find one that will assign a permanent caregiver or caregivers. Familiarity is good because it makes seniors more comfortable around their caregivers. As much as possible, you’d like to avoid stressing your senior out with a caregiver they don’t like.

Additionally, with the same people providing care, they will become very familiar with your senior that any changes in their health can be easily spotted and reported to you. When new people are coming in every week, it will be hard for them to understand that something is a cause for concern, because they would have no basis for comparing your loved one’s past and current health states.

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