Lesbian alignment chart

lesbian alignment chart

lesbian alignment chart savoritz: “lawful/neutral/chaotic + femme/futch/butch ”. lesbian alignment chart savoritz: “lawful/neutral/chaotic + femme/futch/butch ” Tell me where I fit on this alignment scale. I did the lesbian alignment chart with the Overwatch ladies The idea that nonbinary people can identify as sapphic/lesbian/achillean, but only if they don't. lesbian alignment chart rebel-without-a-cunt: “ savoritz: “lawful/neutral/chaotic + femme/futch/butch ” Tell me where I fit on this alignment scale ”. (Both to being a neutral butch and loving this alignment chart) I think I might own more flannels than pants, and that backpack looks so useful. lesbian alignment chart savoritz: “lawful/neutral/chaotic + femme/futch/butch ”.


Chaotic Evil: D&D Alignment Done Right Segment #2 lesbian alignment chart

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